Customer CasesChina Mobile-「Voice Secretary」

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1) The demand for signal coverage continues to grow;
2) The signal coverage cost is getting higher and higher;
3) In places where mobile signal coverage such as housing and basement is poor, the mobile phone cannot make a normal call. But in these environments, there is usually WIFI coverage.


China Mobile adopted the Rauge SparkleComm unified communication solution in January 2017. The overall scheme structure is shown on the right. The entire system uses the SparkleComm server to connect to the mobile core network and IMS. The terminal part uses the SparkleComm client, including iOS and Android versions.


Its features include: users only need to install the APP, they can conduct voice communication in any network. The voice secretary user dials the other party's phone number, and the other party sees the voice secretary user's mobile phone number. Call the voice secretary user, dial the same number as the normal mobile phone number, and dial the mobile number directly. The voice secretary user can receive the call without opening the APP, including while in the lock screen state. The voice secretary user automatically routes the call to the APP without the base station signal.

The usage scenarios include: when there is no base station signal, the user downloads the app, and as long as there is a network, the user can answer and make a call. When you go abroad for stateless roaming, you can make and receive calls as usual through your app. Redefine a multi-number. Users who have more than one machine need no need to purchase a mobile phone that supports multiple cards and more. A mobile phone meets the requirements. Users of wild users and maritime ships (cruise ships, freighters) can call group customers when there is a network, and handle company-specific telephone numbers for company employees. The number is uniformly applied by the company and the employees use the app. The employee leaving the company will recycle the secondary number and modify the binding to continue using it. Staff changes do not affect customer contact.