SparkleComm FAQ

1. Q:What is the reason why the address book is incomplete or blank?

A:If your phone's address book number exceeds 2,000, you may experience slow loading. Please wait 30 seconds. If the address book is still blank or the loading is incomplete, click the Load Address Book function in the upper right corner of the SparkleComm —> Contacts interface.

2. Q:How to wake up normally after exiting SparkleComm in the background?

A:Android mobile phone needs to perform this step setting: enter Settings -> Rights Management (Privacy Authorization) -> Self-starting management. Different Android phones have different paths for self-starting management. Finally, just open the SparkleComm software's self-starting permissions and associated startup.
     Huawei MATE8/9/9 pro mobile phone settings path: Settings -> Application Management -> SparkleComm (tested version) -> permissions -> set individual permissions -> open "trust this application", "application automatically start" and "association start up".

3. Q:About "Huawei Mobile Service".

A:After installing SparkleComm on the Huawei mobile phone, clicking the app will prompt you to install the "Huawei Mobile Service". In order to ensure that you can receive the call when you quit the app in the background, please install the "Huawei Mobile Service".

4. Q:Problem suggestion feedback method.

A:1)Open SparkleComm, go to the "My" -> "Questions / Suggestions Feedback" page, directly enter the question, you can upload a screenshot, and then click submit; 2) call the customer service phone "023-63065521", directly feedback the problem.

5. Q:Sharing app features are not available

A:If you want to share the SparkleComm application, the first way is to scan the QR code in the sharing application for downloading; the second way is to "send the SparkleComm" function in the address book -> contact details, click to send Download the link to the other party's mobile phone text message to download. At present, QQ/Weibo sharing function is still under development, please forgive us for your inconvenience.

6. Q:Version upgrade issue.

A:When there is a new version of SparkleComm, when you open the SparkleComm software, a prompt will pop up asking if you want to upgrade the new version. Or on the "My" -> "About" -> "Detect Updates" page, there will be a corresponding new version upgrade prompt.

7. Q:Voice call quality is not clear.

A:The quality of the call is not related to the software, it is related to the network environment you are in. When your 4G network becomes 3G/2G, the quality of the call will be affected when your WiFi signal is not good.

8. Q:Other mobile phone software is not available.

A:SparkleComm software does not affect the use of any other mobile phone software or system. If you have a problem with your phone, look for other reasons.