Software Technical Services

Offshore software delivery(ODC) Team of offshore software delivery, realize the offshore software services。 The offshore delivery center we set up in China has provided global software delivery services for top 500 companies and other famous ones.
Product development Product development service covering the overall life cycle including product requirement, design, development and publishment. You only need to tell us your intention at its simplest, and Loogear inc can show you the whole development process of the products.
Mobile phone application (APP) Customization of mobile phone APP and APP of enterprise. To Loogear inc, mobile phone APP is just a manifestation of its softwares. Many of our engineers are from the industry of smartphone desigh, so their understandings of mobile phone APP are based on the core of smartphones.
Software as a service (SAAS) Online provides software rental, without a one-time purchase. Laoge technology provides software products are available through online lease, without one-time purchase all authorization. This model contains parts of the custom needs.
Managerial Consultant Software Provide projects of managerial consultant software for customers. Most of the experts in Loogear inc are from top 500 companies and other famous enterprises. Their understanding and thoughts of management can be used in management softwares directly. While providing high-quality management softwares, we also offer the consultation service for our clients.
Maintenance of IT System Provide all-weather maintenance services for IT system. Not everyone is IT expert, but we are. There is no need for everyone to be IT expert, but we are. We are not experts in all fields, but you are. So when you are focusing on your expertise, leave IT affairs to us.