Join Loogear and Start Your Dream

Youth is the water that can't be pulled back, disappear in a blink of an eye in fingertip, waste of effort, again exert oneself to regret, do not wallow in the past, accept new life, new oneself, new team, here! You'll get not just a high salary, but skills, knowledge and family! Pack up, find yourself, and join us!



We provide students with abundant internship opportunities. During the internship, college students can accumulate work experience related to their majors, get in touch with the real world outside campus more quickly, and form a more intuitive and profound understanding of the industry. This is a great opportunity to understand the company's management system, values and culture, and to provide you with a platform to demonstrate your capabilities and potential. On the other hand, the company also has the opportunity to fully understand the quality and character of college students and judge whether they are qualified for the job. After the end of the internship, qualified students can be hired as formal employees.

Graduating Students

In the IT industry, the recruitment of college students is crucial to the fresh blood of the company. As a company that attaches great importance to the training of fresh graduates, Laoge Technology has invested considerable effort every year. It has attracted outstanding graduates to join the company and set a good talent reserve for the company's long-term development. We have provided good job opportunities for recent graduates. Of course, the selection of recent graduates is also stricter. After the selection of outstanding graduates, we will get internships or formal employment opportunities.

Experienced people

Loogear always welcomes experienced professionals to join. You have several years or even decades of work experience, ready to enter the next stage of your career and create more brilliant results. You want new challenges and a desire for a stronger, bigger, and more likely platform. We can help you achieve these goals. We don't just provide a job, we look forward to your development as one of the leaders of the future.