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Customs declarations and corporate customs declarations require real-time communication, and face-to-face communication guidance is used in traditional ways. With the increase in customs clearance, customs cannot provide enough customs brokers, so online communication becomes a must. Single online communication requires sufficient means to save audio and video recordings.


Chongqing Customs adopted the Rauge SparkleComm unified communication solution in 2015. The entire system uses the SparkleComm server and configures the full-time recording function. The terminal part uses the SparkleComm client, including iOS and Android versions.


After installing the app, you can make voice communication with any network. You can use the SparkleComm user to call the other party's phone. Video telephony is used for cell phones, cell phones, PCs, and video conferencing. Instant messaging includes instant messaging client and server, support group chat, offline message push. The transfer format includes: images, files, notes, audio clips, video clips, desktop sharing and more. Support mobile client at the same time (Android/iOS).