Customer CasesPrivate Network User-「New Console (call center)」



The traditional voice switches of private network users use digital program-controlled switches, and most of them have been built for many years. The digital successful switch has been discontinued. Private network users urgently need to replace them with the latest Ip multimedia-based devices. However, its working mode, such as the attendant console (call center) function, needs to be upgraded at the same time.


ZTE adopted the Rauge SparkleComm unified communication solution in 2017. The entire system uses the SparkleComm server to connect to the mobile core network and IMS. The terminal part uses the SparkleComm client, including PC (Linux/Windows) and Android version, and the console uses the SparkleComm console (call center).


Private network users use multimedia consoles. Fully integrated voice, video, phone, instant messaging, email, software client for smartphone, PC (Mac/Mac). Including voice and video scheduling, forced insertion, front plug, back plug, three parties, conferences and other complete functions.