Customer CasesChina Radio and Television-「Jia Shi Tong」



As the largest TV media provider in China, China Radio and Television has been unable to provide users with effective communication functions after obtaining a communication license. If you adopt the traditional carrier model and start from scratch, you will undoubtedly lose your advantage in time and cost.


China Radio and Television and its partners adopted the Rauge SparkleComm unified communications solution in 2016. The overall solution structure is shown on the right. The entire system uses the SparkleComm server to connect to the optoelectronic core network and IMS. The terminal part uses the SparkleComm client, including iOS and Android versions.


Its features include: users only need to install the APP, they can conduct voice communication in any network. You can use the SparkleComm user to call the other party's phone. Fully integrated voice, video, phone, instant messaging, email, software client for smartphone, PC (Mac), and TV set-top box.