Unified Communications System - UCS

UCS:Unified Communications System,Also called unified communications. Refers to a new generation of communications platforms that integrate data fusion communications platforms such as voice, video, instant messaging, text, pictures and other mobile Internet.


Unified Communications System(UCS)--SparkleComm

Loogear(SparkleComm) unified communications platform, in addition to providing voice over IP telephony and video calls, allows companies to effectively integrate existing data business processes. Enterprises or organizations can use a simple software interface (iOS/Android/Windows/Mac OS X) to use simple familiar operation modes for voice calls, video calls, conference calls, video conferences, instant messages, and file transfers. Concerned about missing information, delays, and errors, etc., and thus owning internal communications solutions for companies or organizations.


Software telephone (softphone)

A suite of fully integrated voice, video, phone, instant messaging, and email features that can be installed on smartphones, PCs, and Macs.

Support the operating system: Android 4.4+;IOS 8.01+;windows 7+;Linux(part);Mac OSX 10.0+。

Features: 1. Supports multiple voice coding; 2. Supports interfacing with mainstream IPPBX; 3. Supports IMS (successful connection with ZTE and Huawei IMS); 4. Supports functions such as call transfer, deflection, conference, and tripartite; 5. Support analog walkie-talkie access; 6. Support status presentation (Presense).

Video Phone-SparkleComm
Video Phone-SparkleComm

Video Phone--SparkleVideo

he video phone function is used for mobile phone to mobile phone, mobile phone to PC and video conference.

Features: 1. Support multiple resolutions and can be intelligently switched according to network bandwidth; 2. Dynamic combination of voice calls, support to start and close the call midway; 3. Support video device selection such as an external camera; 4. Support and video surveillance cameras Into.

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Instant messaging-SparkleComm

Instant messaging--SparkleIM

The instant messaging function is used for multimedia and text message communication between the user and the user. Lougo Instant Messaging includes an instant messaging client and server, and supports group chat and offline message pushing.

Features: 1. Transmission formats include: pictures, files, expressions, audio clips, video clips, etc., to achieve desktop sharing capabilities; 2. Support SIP Message; 3. Support mobile client (Android/iOS/WM) and PC client at the same time (Windows/macOS/Linux) and integrated with software phones.

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Instant messaging-SparkleComm
Address book-SparkleComm
Address book-SparkleComm

Address book--SparklePhoneBook

The VoIP solution integrates address book functions, including address book functions such as corporate address book, cloud address book, phone address book synchronization, and friend management.

Features: 1. Support read local address book (iOS/Android/macOS); 2. Support private cloud address book; 3. Enterprise address book has background web management function; 4. Support multi-level organization structure; 5. Support rating Rights control.

Confidential phone-SparkleComm

Confidential phone--SparkleSecPhone

Loogear unique secure call technology supports end-to-end dynamic encryption of the client (app2app) so that the call content cannot be tapped.

Features: Supports real-time encryption, end-to-end encryption, support for call initiation and encryption off.

Confidential phone-SparkleComm
Audio and video conference-SparkleComm
Audio and video conference-SparkleComm

Audio and video conference--SparkleMCU

SparkleMCU is a video and audio conferencing MCU for software and hardware. The conference is managed and controlled by the SparkleComm core.

Features: Open conference control OpenAPI, users can define their own conference control software. Or use the embedded web-based conference control function. The control functions include active call/incoming call setting, mute, whisper, kick-out, real-time recording control, etc. The conference audio supports common audio coding such as G.711 and G.729. Video supports H.264. The client uses SparkleComm's SoftPhone, as well as ordinary phones (need to reprovision the gateway).

SparkleMCU includes a software-independent version that supports the Linux operating system. It also includes the hardware version. The hardware version has the lowest 16-way conference and 200-way conference concurrently.

Call Center-SparkleComm

Call Center--SparkleCC

Loogear Call Center SparkleCC Uses SparkleComm's ACD engine to implement call center functions, including ACD, IVR, and CTI.

Adopt open interface and provide seat system and CTI API. The seat phone can use SparkleComm's PC version (supports Windows/macOS/Linux) for flexible control functions. At the same time can use the common traditional PSTN headset (need to configure IAD).

The call center SparkleCC configuration can include a software stand-alone version that supports the Linux operating system. Also includes the hardware version, the hardware version is the lowest 16 seats concurrently to 100 seats.

Call Center-SparkleComm
Push to Talk-SparkleComm
Push to Talk-SparkleComm

Push to Talk--SparklePTT

SparklePTT as a communication scheduling tool that is most widely used in trunking communication, it generally needs to be implemented within a certain coverage range through specially-planned wireless communication frequency and dedicated intercom-bearing tools, and has special and regional characteristics.

According to different use scenarios, the system provides access support for the traditional analog intercom system. That is to say, by adding an analog intercom conversion gateway that converts analog analog signals into IP signals in the network structure, SparkleComm and analog intercom can be realized. Interconnection of terminals can avoid the emergence of communication islands. At the same time, it gives users the option of adding alternative solutions to their respective strengths in using equipment and performing analog digital intercom.

Flexible network structure

The network telephony solution SparkleComm adopts a flexible network structure and is a telecom operator-level network application. Support for enterprise-level applications at the same time.

Application integration

SparkleComm uses an open architecture that allows for flexible integration of applications. It can be easily integrated with existing or third-party applications. Such as workflow, teamwork, OA system, corporate email, WeChat and so on.

Multiple operating system support

SparkleComm's core component, developed in the most stable and reliable C/C++, is currently the same industry supporting operating system product series. The user can choose the best deployment option. The operating systems it supports include and are not limited to: Linux/Windows/macOS/Unix/Android/iOS.

Index parameters
Performance indicators compatibility
Maximum number of users Unlimited, multi - server stack The client desktop operating system support Windows 7+ / macOS 10.0+ / Linux
The biggest channel number (group) unlimited
PTT Each group maximum number of users 200
Maximum number of users in the conference 150
The call setup time(LAN) < 0.1 sec Mobile phone operating system support Android 4.0+
iOS 7.0+
Windows Phone
The call setup time(3G) < 1 sec
The call setup time(GPRS) < 5 sec
Video quality 15~30FPS,configurable
Sound quality 8 kHz to 32 kHz,configurable Wireless network support 802.11a/b/g/n, GPRS, EDGE, 3G/4G
The minimum bandwidth requirements 8 kbps
Maximum number of users per server 10000 users The server side Linux(32/64 bits)/Windows Server(32/64 bits) /MacOS(64 bits)
The minimum server CPU requirements 1 GHz

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