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In enterprises or institutions, for the customer to pay quality feedback, market analysis, investigation and data needs of the user satisfaction, always have a variety of questionnaires. Usually, enterprises or institutions not only spend a lot of the cost of printing questionnaire, a questionnaire, but also consume a lot of time and energy recycling questionnaire, statistics and questionnaires and the questionnaire controllability is poor, prone to leakage volume, waste volume.

LOOGEAR TECH CO., LTD(LoogearSurvey)Based on information technology, based on the Internet and mobile Internet to build an online questionnaire design, distribution, investigation, collection, statistics system, solve the shortage of the traditional questionnaire.

LoogearSurvey Is an online survey system research platform. Is a user friendly web tools to create, manage and analyze the online questionnaire.

The questionnaire survey steps

1.Create a questionnaire 2.Problem (including adding questionnaire design, control logic design questionnaire) 3.Preview (optional) 4.Determine q project types 5.Perform the questionnaire 6.Questionnaire sampling/task allocation and planning (depending on the type of questionnaire items) 7.Questionnaire distributed, url, E-mail, qr code, only ID access address, private, questionnaire) 8.The data collection 9.Data analysis (interaction, enhance analysis, data filtering, custom reports, data export, etc.) 10.Questionnaire from the end of the project management

Questionnaire design management

Operators through the study of the questionnaire design of system operation, mainly includes the questionnaire subject, questionnaire topic, try relationship, etc., into the new questionnaire, modified questionnaire to modify, delete to delete the questionnaire, query the questionnaire inquiry, preview and questionnaire, and other functions.

The questionnaire distributed management

Operators through to questionnaire distribution of system operation, mainly includes the filter according to conditions (such as car models, car time, user types, age, occupation, etc.) primary user data selection to satisfy the users of this questionnaire, then select the survey questionnaire, operators by E-mail, SMS, WeChat methods such as sending the URL of this questionnaire to be survey users to fill in.

The questionnaire to fill out

The end user according to the received link login and fill in the questionnaire, the user can in PC browser, WeChat, mobile phone browser to fill in the questionnaire.

Questionnaire analysis

Statistical analysis system is mainly in the process of questionnaire survey and data analysis of the results of the survey, statistical process can be achieved by multi-angle and multi-dimension needed data for statistical analysis.

Multi-channel distribution

LoogearSurvey through various channels to distribute questionnaire such as SMS/WeChat/mail.

Application integration

LoogearSurveyAdopt an open structure, can the integrated application of flexible; Can facilitate the application integration with existing or a third party. Such as workflow, teamwork, OA system, enterprise email, WeChat, etc.

Index parameters
Performance indicators compatibility
The largest number of questionnaire unlimited The client desktop operating system support Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Single server maximum number of users > 5 million
At the same time the maximum number of users online > 5000
Questionnaire extracting time(LAN) < 0.1 sec Mobile phone operating system support Android 4.0+
iOS 7.0+
Windows Phone
Questionnaire extracting time(3G) < 1 sec
Questionnaire extracting time(GPRS) < 5 sec
The minimum bandwidth requirements 200 kbps The server side Linux/Windows server
Maximum number of users Unlimited, superposition of multiple servers
The minimum server CPU requirements 1 GHz The server database Oracle/MySQL/SQL server
Minimum server memory 2 GB

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